Take Your Fashion Quotient to the Next Level with Stunning Men’s Straw Sun Hats

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Men’s Straw Sun Hats

With the advent of summer every year, fashionable men look for the perfect Men’s Straw Sun Hats for making them look glamorous and cool while safeguarding them from the scorching summer sun. According to Forbes, hats are making an impressive comeback in terms of menswear. In the earlier days, men loved to flaunt their hats usually, on formal occasions only, however in the current times, hats could be worn to team up with diverse menswear styles right from blue jeans and t-shirt to well-fitted formal suits. Straw hats are predominantly worn during the day, but they may be worn even during the night to take your style quotient a few notches higher. 

As per the findings of studies and research conducted by the Skin Cancer Foundation, one in every five Americans will be developing skin cancer issues by the time they are 70 years old. Moreover, if statistics are to be believed over two persons die every hour because of skin cancer. It is, therefore, a good idea to invest in a good quality straw sun hat that provides ample sun protection when you go hiking, sunbathing at the beach, or spending time in your backyard garden. Straw sun hats are pretty good for safeguarding you against the dangerous UV rays of the sun.

A utilitarian and fashionable wardrobe staple, a men’s straw sun protection hat is usually made of neatly and tightly interwoven natural straw or synthetic material. It has a wide brim for offering complete sun protection. We know that straw hats are phenomenally popular and both men and women could steal the show by flaunting a gorgeous straw hat. Men’s Straw Sun Hats are best for providing ample sun protection and adding an element of style and elegance to your overall look and personality. They are lightweight and super comfortable because they allow proper cooling and ventilation.

Striking Characteristics of Top Sun Protection Hats For Men

It is crucial to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun since excessive sun exposure may culminate in premature aging and skin cancers. Straw sun hats for men are lightweight, comfortable, and are best for providing ample sun protection. A straw sun hat has a brim that helps in shielding your face, neck, and eyes from the harmful sun rays. A broader brimmed sun hat is the best for ensuring maximum sun protection.

Men’s Straw Sun Hats Offer Perfect Sun Protection

The straw hats are woven tightly so that the size of the gaps or holes will be too small for sun rays to pass through. Men’s straw sun hats are the way to go because top-quality hats made from tightly woven straw strands will allow very little sunlight to pass through. These hats are known to provide exceptional sun protection. Moreover, straw sun hats are generally rated with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF. Experts firmly recommend opting for hats that are known to have precisely UPF 50 factor to ensure maximum sun protection. High-quality straw sun hats boast tighter and finer weaves. Straw hats will be priced astronomically if more time and effort are devoted to their making process.

Evergreen Straw Hats

There are several popular straw hats like the boater style, Panama style, Fedora straw hats, and even the lifeguard straw hats for men. Straw hats are extremely popular and regarded as the number one among men’s hat styles for good reasons. Straw hats for men are woven with expertise out of lightweight and thin strands of straw. The material is synthetic or natural straw. You may realize that straw hats are very much in vogue. They are exceptionally comfortable and lightweight. They offer maximum sun protection. They allow a high degree of breathability and ample sun protection. Straw sun hats are best for beating the stifling heat in the summer days. Thanks to reasonable breathability, straw hats are best for keeping your head cool and sweat-free. They provide the utmost relaxation and comfort.

The Boater Hats

The boater-style hats are ruling Instagram and the travel pages on popular social media platforms. The gondolas are known to wear boater hats for highlighting the iconic style. You can choose the unisex option that is fashionable and timeless. It has a relatively shorter brim hence; it cannot be considered to be the top sun protection hat.

Panama Straw Hats

Thanks to their breathability and ease of wear, Panama hats are regarded as the quintessential hat for vacationers. It is phenomenally popular, and generally, fashionable men love to wear it with a light linen or silk suit. Panama straw hats are made conventionally from Toquilla straw that is known to be light-colored. The prices of Panama hats go up if the weaving is tighter as it involves more effort and more work. The quintessential Panama hats are loved by tourists and vacationers since they provide maximum sun protection. Both men and women love to wear a straw Panama hat to complete their summer look. Today famous personalities like Khloe Kardashian and Amal Clooney team up their chic ensembles with a stylish Panama straw hat. 

The Anatomy of a Hat

All aspects of a cap has its motivation. This reason could be exclusively for stylish reasons, solace, or unadulterated capacity. One thing is without, an idea doubt you could get this very close with a cap? The thing is, purchasing a top resembles let your hairdresser know how to trim your hair. It tends to be a terrifying involvement with first, yet when you comprehend the overall thought it turns into a stroll in the recreation center. Understanding the life structures of the cap is the initial step. We have a rundown of key cap terms and delineations as given by Stetson to assist with making that first buy as smooth as the silk.

Fedora Straw Hat

Often people are quite perplexed and cannot differentiate between Panama straw hats and Fedora straw hats. They seem pretty similar. However, Fedora straw hats are defined by their shape while Panama straw hats are defined by the color of Toquilla straw. However, felt fedoras are also available today. A fedora consists of a pinched front, a bit of an upturn at the back, a low crown, and a reasonably wide brim that seems perfect for adequate sun protection. 

Fedora hats are chic. They can take your style quotient to the next level and add a whole new dimension to your personality. Straw fedora hats are popular with both women and men and are a hot favorite of travelers and tourists since they are chic, lightweight, and provide maximum sun protection. They can be worn with several attires but do not take away from their unique style. A fedora is stylish and classy. It is worn with a professional outfit or suit. However, a straw fedora is a perfect choice for a summer cocktail event or a wedding. 


We have discussed only a few of the straw sun hats for the fashionable men of today. You may choose from a much broader spectrum of straw sun hats. The lifeguard straw hats were initially worn by the lifeguards who operated along the Californian coast. Lifeguard hats are made with a superior quality thick straw. However, they come with loose weaving and may not prove to be your best option if you are looking for sun protection. Moreover, you have easy access to straw garden hats that are a hot favorite with men because of their style and super lightweight qualities. The derby straw hats are best for making the ultimate fashion statement. All straw hats are much loved by contemporary men because of their chic looks and functionality. They are known for adequate sun protection. 

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