Slow Internet Speeds At Night? This Could Be The Reason

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Internet Speeds

Dial-up connections are almost obsolete and sluggish internet speeds are tolerated no more. Internet users expect their web pages to load in a matter of seconds and the same can only be expected from DSL, cable and fiber broadband connections. Users expect prompt gratification that’s why a single connection drop or ping spike infuriates them. But having stable internet speeds 24/7 sounds a tab bit unrealistic. There’s a burgeoning burden on internet networks, especially on weekends. Families cozy up to stream Netflix while many play multiplayer games with their friends. Internet connectivity is constant in both scenarios. Internet speeds fail a decline and game servers lag down. It’s understandable to face bumpy traffic on the weekends but what about the weekdays? Why do Slow Internet Speeds At Night? Who’s the real culprit behind this dilemma? 

Why Your Internet Speeds Are Slow At Night 

Multiple networks connected to a single network can cause congestion. If more users try to access the network at once, it is likely to collapse if the ISP system isn’t built to handle jammed traffic. The most common time for this jam to occur? Night time. That’s when most employees and students are free from their daily chores. 

That is, however, a never-ending pattern. What you got to do is identify the rush hours and exclude the weekends. The peak hours vary from region to region but the busiest intervals are 7 P.M to 10 P.M. What can you do about it? Keep reading to find all the probable solutions. 

Looking For a Fix 

Here are the three fixes that can potentially help. 

Shift Your Internet Activity to Off-Peak Hours 

Keep your focus on finding a pattern between your internet usage and the usage time of your neighborhood. Once you target the timings, the only affordable solution would be to switch your internet activity to off-peak hours. A time where you know the network traffic won’t be strained.  

This will call for many changes though and you will find a hard time adjusting to the new timings. Maybe you and your friends game together at night or maybe you run Netflix marathons after a tiring day at work. But you would need to amend and adjust somehow. What you can do to avoid network congestion is to prioritize your work. Tasks that require more download speed should be completed before the congestion starts to build up and the latter can be executed accordingly. 

Upgrade Your Current Internet Connection

Shifting your internet routine to off-peak hours didn’t work? The issue might reside somewhere else and the real culprit could be your current internet plan. A major cause could be your overall internet and bandwidth consumption exceeding the speed tier you are subscribed to. It might not be sufficient enough for multiple users to perform bandwidth-heavy tasks such as downloading gig files and playing online games. Especially if that’s common for your household. It’s time to reevaluate your internet package and upgrade it to an internet speed that matches the internet consumption common at your place. A bandwidth monitoring tool can assist you in this situation by calculating available bandwidth and enhancing network speed.  

Change your internet provider

The last resort for most internet subscribers is a plan upgrade but not always. Many underlying issues are to be addressed. Not all, but a few subscribers tend to throttle internet speeds. Implying that you could be subscribed to a certain internet speed limit let’s say 40 Mbps and if the ISP network is burdened with traffic, the relevant ISP tends to throttle internet speeds to accommodate all the connected users on the network.

This can be annoying and sometimes you aren’t aware of the throttled speeds nor was it mentioned to you. In such a scenario, the only option you are left with is to change your internet provider.

Consider the options of available internet types, as well. A DSL connection doesn’t share bandwidth but is still slower than cable broadband. On the other hand, fiber broadband is the fastest option available yet it’s not available on a nationwide level. Midst the plethora of internet options you can rely on, get in touch with RCN customer service Boston and you might as well find a relevant internet plan falling under your internet speeds criterion well. 

To conclude

If any of the aforementioned solutions worked for you, you won’t have to complain about game latency, high ping, sluggish download speeds, and improvised upload speed power anymore!

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