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Undoubtedly, math division questions are a great way for kids’ initial math training for kids learning. In our day-to-day life, we use division to calculate, and it is very vital for us to have this skill. To facilitate the kid’s division learning, you can also provide the division worksheets. The illustrated worksheets can help them learn different division problems, such as long division, short division, division word problems and several others. Taking the help of these worksheets, they can first learn simple problems and then move to the long division questions. Besides, you can teach the preschool division by engaging your kids in small activities. Read this post until the end to learn more. 

Types Of Division Questions

There are several types of division problems for the learning kids. They can get division problems till the fifth class. So, there are different variations. Check the below-given list: 

Types of division


1: Short Questions 

Short division based questions have two-digit dividends and single-digit divisors. The worksheets based on the short divisions can be the best to start with for the kids. To solve short and simple division questions, the kids must learn the table until nine at least. By learning the table, they can solve the short division problems with ease. 

2: Long Questions

Next comes the long division questions, in which the dividend can be of three digits or more, whereas the divisors are of two digits or more. To solve these problems, your children must learn the table of up to 20 at least. If not, they will have to perform the multiplication at every stage of the division. Besides, it will be a plus when they learn the rule of divisibility for the prime numbers that come under 20. 

3: Word-Based Problems

When your children gain fair expertise in the simple calculation based questions, they are ready to make a transition to the next level. At this level, they will have to face word-based questions. In these types of questions, the kids basically have to understand the dividend and divisor from the given information. Once they convert it into the form of a dividend divisor format, the division becomes easy for them. 

4: Decimal Division Questions

Decimal division problems are also one of the advanced division based questions. In this type of problem, your kids need to learn the right placement of decimal when solving the problem. The decimal can be present in dividends, divisors, or both. The result in the quotient shows if the decimals are correctly solved or not. 

Different Types Of Worksheets Containing Division Questions 

After seeing some of the main types of division problems, let’s proceed further and check some of the main division worksheets: 

1: Divisibility Rules Worksheet

The divisibility rule worksheet is suitable for kids who want to learn and practice the rules of divisibility for various prime numbers. It can be helpful in solving the problems in which you have to find the highest common factors of two or more numbers. These worksheets offer multiple sets of problems based on the rules of divisibility. 

Divisibility Rules Worksheet


2: Divisibility Test Worksheets

Next comes the divisibility test worksheet, in which you have to check if a number is divisible by the given divisor or not. It is basically a form of division only. However, you have to check the divisibility. If the remainder comes zero, it means the number is divisible by the given divisor. If not, the divisor is not a factor of the dividend and, therefore, can’t divide it completely. 

Divisibility Test Worksheet


3: Single or Multiple Digit Division Worksheets

The single or multiple digit division worksheets contain the problems formed by making different sets of dividends and divisors. The problems can be small or long divisions. However, the worksheets contain many problems starting from simple to more complex ones, so that your kids can practice a lot and feel it easy to solve division questions. Besides, there are problems that have no remainder. It helps kids to determine if they are right or wrong. 

Single or Multiple Digit Division Worksheets


4: Decimal Digit Worksheets

Moving ahead, we have a decimal digit worksheet for the kids. In this type of worksheets, kids will face division problems having decimals in them. The decimal can be either dividend, or divisor, or both of them. When performing the division, kids also need to take care of the right decimal placement in the quotient to give the right results. These types of decimal division questions can also come in the form of the fill-in blanks question format, where you will have to fill the quotient after performing the division. 

Decimal Division Worksheets


5: Short Division Worksheets

Next is the short division worksheet, which is most suitable for beginners. The questions in this worksheet can have simple numbers to divide by a single-digit divisor. The worksheet can have the variation of the questions that either gives the remainder or doesn’t. The beginners can get a rich learning experience for the division based problems and become fluent in solving the advanced problems as well. The short division questions act as the base for the complex ones. 

Short Division Worksheets


6: Horizontal and Long Division

Problem sets can be generated in both horizontal and long division styles using these division worksheets. Besides, kids can get any number between 2 and 9 as a divisor. The quotients can be in the range of one to two digits. You can also select the number of digits in the dividend. For each division worksheet, you can have different sets of problems for more and more practice. 

Horizontal and Long Division


Final Words

If your kids are in the initial phase of division learning or dealing with the advanced division questions, this post can be helpful in both cases. It elaborates on some common types of division based questions and also discusses major types of division worksheets. You can promote your kid’s learning with the help of the worksheets described in this post. If you liked this post, then visiting our blog section can help you in finding more on your favourite categories. 


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