Male Model With Tattoos

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James Edward Quaintance Neck Tattoo And Piercing

To the extent that we can see from the runway, the pattern which upset the “spotless and awesome” male model generalization hasn’t given any indication of deteriorating – basically not in the following 10 years.

Whether you’re deciding to get your most memorable tattoo or thinking about your next ink after your biceps, look at what these 2 male models with tattoos need to say regarding their favorite tattoos. You could get inspired.

Mikkel Jensen

“I like when individuals check out my tattoos. My favorite is the one on my chest. It is an hourglass with wings to symbolize that time is “flying off.”

I had it made because I have had such an extraordinary time the last couple of years and it seems like the time passes by too quickly.

Jimmy Q

On the “Whisper” tattoo near his ear: “A favorite of mine because everyone will see it and it helps me to remember all the women in my previous existence… she’s whispering romantic things into my ear.”




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