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iTop VPN

Although download iTop VPN for PC (Windows and Mac), unblock restricted apps or websites, protect your privacy on WiFi hotspots by encrypting network traffic, and hide your IP with a private military-grade tunnel. iTop VPN allows the consumer to take advantage of the company’s regular service at no cost.  Free VPN for Windows is the most powerful VPN proxy that allows you to evade all filters, censorship and surveillance by masking your IP address.  This is easy to accomplish with a single one-click connection.  It also unlocks geographically restricted web content.  It can help you protect your public or home network from unauthorized access and conduct digital transactions without risk. Which allows their users to browse the Internet anonymously, protect your WiFi connection, and IP addresses, find out more information here. 

Why do you need iTop VPN for PC?

iTop VPN encrypts all Internet traffic that enters and leaves your computer.  This prevents third parties, both ISPs and the government, from capturing, collecting or spying on your data and tracking your digital activities such as browsing history. Also, iTop VPN for PC connects to your servers around the world when you browse the Internet.

Therefore, the sites can’t able to track your IP address, and your PC will display an IP from a different country, allowing you to bypass residential blocks and access geo-restricted websites. iTop VPN for PC is a secure private network, which comes with military grade encryption that allows you to browse public, business and school networks safely. It is a super-fast and secure private network tunnel.  It is now one of the best VPN for PC on the market.

It has unlimited bandwidth speed.  You don’t need to check your bandwidth or monthly traffic limits as iTop VPN provides unlimited VPN bandwidth.  It has proxy servers around the world to enhance the security of private shopping, viewing, listening, and browsing.  With the help of these servers, you get access to location-specific content restricted in your region. Plus, it has a kill switch option.  This prevents it from revealing our IP address to trackers.  It automatically disconnects our devices from the network until the VPN connection recovers.

How to use iTop VPN for PC?

Firstly, you have to install this application in your device. After installing the application on the computer, click the iTop VPN icon to open it.  Now tap on the “Connect” button.  It will connect to any nearest default VPN server with a strong signal. The panel will show which country the iTop VPN server is connected to. Depending on your internet speed, the connection may take a few minutes.  After connecting, you can minimize the iTop VPN dashboard and start browsing anonymously and unblocking content. For turning off, go to the Control Panel and click the “Connected” button.  Then iTop VPN’s will disconnect and your PC will show your usual public IP.

iTop VPN connects quickly, securely and does not collect your personal data.  It offers free servers all over the world, which makes it unique among other VPN providers.  The company was established in 2016 and has been in service for almost 5 years.  It already has 10 million users on all Android, Windows and iOS platforms. 

Today you live in a digital world where you shop online, transfer money online, and watch TV shows online.  Your personal brands are everywhere on the Internet.  iTop VPN’s protects your privacy by encrypting your browsing data and turning it into an anonymous IP address. The user interface of iTop VPN is complete and nice with its UX.  Its initial design is user-centric and navigation is very intuitive, helping you navigate the application and explore features quickly and easily.


However, protecting privacy online and conducting secure transactions is essential for everyone.  However, due to frequent cyberattacks and third-party tracking, our privacy is invaded every day, you can also download iTop VPN for PC and get military grade security. However, you all can use other emulators if you want, and the download and installation process is the same for everyone, respectively.

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