How to Solve a Problem With a Nintendo Switch Controller That Quickly Discharges

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a Nintendo Switch Controller

As a gamer, there’s nothing more aggravating than discovering that the controller you believed was charged is completely dead. Many brands have hurried to develop their own ‘remedies’ to the ever-present problem of dead controllers, and HyperX’s is without a doubt the best in a Nintendo Switch Controller. 

This California-based gaming headsets producer sent us a Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station to see if it could assist us with our dead joystick issue, and after a month of use, we can confidently say it’s one of the best versions on the market.

What’s Innovative in HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station?

It’s easy to misplace your peripherals, but with the HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station and a Nintendo Switch Controller, that will be a thing of the past. HyperX designed beautiful, discrete storage and charging gadget that will make life easier for any Switch user, despite its simplicity in practice.

HyperX is recognized for producing excellent headsets and keyboards, but Charge Play demonstrates its commitment to the gaming industry. This is a worthwhile investment if you’re a Switch enthusiast who enjoys multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. or Vegas Party (one of the best -themed games on Nintendo Switch that recreates the entire look and feel of Vegas and playing – which in reality can be done on Iron Dog Studios  – in your console).

The HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station features:

  • It charges 4 joy-con controllers at the same time.
  • The charging status of the batteries is displayed by the battery indicators.
  • Docking is simple and safe, and the design is stable.

And What About Design?

With its matte black appearance and subtle detailing, the Charge Play’s overall design is meant to complement the Switch charging dock. Its dome shape hugs the joy-cons without making your stand look like a blob. All 4 charging dock lights are illuminated by a HyperX logo on the charging station. While charging any joysticks, the logo in the middle and the bottom of the dome is baseboarded to allow for optimal circulation and ventilation.

When the joy-cons click into their places, they fit perfectly in the charging station and appear to be quite cozy. Users shouldn’t be put off by the fact that the charging pad won’t look good if all of the joy-cons aren’t present in the station. Whether it’s full or empty, the Charge Play looks great next to your Switch dock.

Let’s Move On to What Matters – Performance

With no buttons to fiddle with, the Charge Play dock is incredibly simple to use. The corresponding light will glow when you insert the joy-con into the slot, indicating that the controller is charging. When the joy-con is fully charged, the light will turn solid. The light will turn off entirely after it’s removed.

From start to end, charging a joystick takes only a few minutes. You’ll never have to worry about your joy-cons’ batteries running out if you leave them in the Station. Ours serves as a stand for our joy-cons, adding to the elegance of our gaming setup. You can try that too.


  • Gaming platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Number of ports: 4
  • Battery indicators: 4 LED Indicators
  • Dimensions: 117mm (L) x 56 mm (H)
  • Cable length: 2m

To Sum Up…


  • The design is small and compact.
  • Up to 4 joy-cons can be charged at the same time.
  • Stability is provided by rubber pads with a weighted foundation.


  • There’s no digital display of the charging status.

Any gamer’s Nintendo Switch setup would benefit from the Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station. It’s a cost-effective solution for gamers with more than two joy-cons, especially those who have trouble keeping them all charged at the same time.

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