Healthy lifestyle rules you need to stop following right now

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healthy lifestyle rules you need to stop following right now

Are you trying not to eat after 6:00 p.m, taking protective SPF means actively even in cloudy weather and accurately calculating the calorie content and the amount eaten at dinner? It seems that you are doing everything possible to maintain health and beauty, but do not rush into such an unambiguous conclusion. Some popular healthy lifestyle rules can not only bring any significant benefits but also harm the body. Our paper editing service researches along with our  essay editor Melisa how and why this happens?

#1. No eating after 6:00 p.m

Oddly enough, you need to eat not when it is time, but when you are hungry. If after 6:00 p.m you do not feel like eating, and perhaps go to bed early, then that is one thing, and if you are constantly struggling with hunger and think only about food, then such behavior will not be helpful for your Healthy lifestyle rules.

Eating after 6:00 p.m is possible and necessary. The only question is what exactly to eat. Regardless of the time of day, food should be guided by the principles of proper nutrition, which must include protein (meat), fiber (fresh vegetables), slowly digestible carbohydrates (cereals, whole grain bread) and fats (first of all, “proper” fats, which predominantly represented by omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids).

You will not be mistaken if after 6:00 p.m eat a good steak (red meat) with fresh vegetables. This will not bring the body many calories (most of them will be immediately spent on digesting meat and vegetable fiber), but it will provide you with a good mood and necessary nutrients. Meat contains essential amino acids that we cannot get from any other food. In this case, it is amino acids that are the building material for protein hormones. At night, there is a synthesis of melatonin (sleep hormone) and growth hormone. Their insufficient production, scientists assign a key role in triggering the aging mechanisms. That is why it is important to create Healthy lifestyle rules in the “right conditions” for their synthesis.

So, the conclusion is eating meat after 6:00 p.m, we get a minimum of calories and a sufficient amount of building material for hormones that are produced during sleep, and we also get rid of hunger, which can lead to stress and loss of proper sleep.

Returning to the phrase “you need to eat not when it is time, but when you are hungry”, it is important to clarify that, normally, the feeling of hunger in a healthy person after a full meal disappears for 4-6 hours. If you feel hungry all the time, no matter what and how much you ate, this is a reason to consult a doctor.

#2. Eat often in small portions

But this is a sure way to gain weight. At each meal, the hormone insulin is secreted into the bloodstream, the main function of which is to absorb glucose (sugar), which was supplied with food, by the cells. But insulin has another feature – an increase in its level in the blood causes and supports a feeling of hunger.

As a result, we eat, provoke the release of insulin, but since we eat little, excess insulin maintains a constant feeling of hunger, forcing us to make “snacks” more and more often. 6-8 snacks per day, 200-300 kcal each – and we get the number of calories that we are not able to spend during the day. The result is weight gain.

#3. Periodically go on a diet

There are so many diets today – fruit, Kremlin, keto-diet, a diet by the name of some famous person who follows Healthy lifestyle rules. Any diet is bad if the word “diet” means significant nutritional restrictions. As mentioned above, nutrition must be balanced and complete at all times. The human body equally needs protein (the building material for muscles, cells, hormones), carbohydrates (slowly absorbed, they are a source of glycogen, which is necessary for all the muscles of the body to work), fiber (due to which the intestines will work properly) and fats (ensure cell stability membranes are the building material for many important hormones and vitamins).

Diet is the deprivation of the body of certain useful nutrients, which is why “losing weight” on the diet is accompanied by the loss of not only fat mass but also muscles. But it is precisely the quantity and quality of muscles that determine our state of health and quality of life.

In addition, having known a period of severe restrictions in the diet, our body seeks to compensate for the loss as quickly as possible, so often after the end of it a person again gaining extra pounds.

#4. Use sunscreens (“They prevent skin aging”)

Age-related changes in the skin, as well as the whole organism, are a complex process that depends on genetics (what is inherent in us long before birth, our heredity) and the impact of environmental factors.

Stress, dry air, irregular or improper care, unhealthy habits, malnutrition, age-related hormonal changes – all this affects the skin condition. It is believed that the skin should be protected from the sun, the effect of which accelerates aging. And this is a big mistake.

The fact is that our skin is the main source of vitamin D synthesis in the body, and this vitamin is synthesized under the influence of sunlight on the skin. By applying sunscreen, we “protect” ourselves, first of all, from the synthesis of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is known to be the cause of many diseases (rickets, osteoporosis, reproductive disorders, depression, predisposes to the development of obesity, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency states, and even oncology).

Speaking directly about the skin, then the synthesis of vitamin D also takes place in the skin itself, and this process is very important for the condition of the skin. Maintaining a normal level of vitamin D in the skin optimizes metabolic processes, increases the skin’s resistance to external influences, and maintains optimal skin moisture.

With age, the skin gradually loses its ability to synthesize vitamin D. As a result, the skin’s natural barrier function deteriorates, it becomes drier, “sagging”, less resistant to external influences. We supplement this situation by applying sunscreens and get accelerated skin aging.

It is much more beneficial to saturate the skin with provitamin D, which is a source of vitamin D synthesis in the skin. There are even creams with provitamin D. The use of external funds with provitamin D provides a unique opportunity to create a depot of provitamin D in the skin, regardless of the time of year or day. Once in the sun, the skin will be ready for the active synthesis of vitamin D.

#5. Morning run

Are you surprised? Undoubtedly, everyone needs physical activity. But when choosing a type of physical activity, an individualized approach is very important. A morning run is one of the most common ways to combat physical inactivity, but not all “morning runners” will benefit from this type of activity.

First, it’s important where to run. The river bank at an hour when thousands of cars are stuck in traffic is not the best place. But even if we choose a place with good ecology for running, you need to be confident in your state of health. You can’t run (and play sports in general) if there are any “problems” in the body, scientifically – deficiencies: iron deficiency (70% of women and 40% of men suffer), vitamin D deficiency, thyroid hormone deficiency, sex hormone deficiency (menopause in women).

All of the above deficiencies lead to sarcopenia – loss of quantity and quality of muscle mass, which, in turn, makes sports not only a difficult test but also a health hazard.

In addition, there is a category of people to whom the morning sport is contraindicated, and it is better to transfer physical activity to the evening. In other words, physical activity is very important and necessary, but it is better to choose the time and method together with a competent specialist.

#6. Take multivitamins

Yes, we live in a difficult time when poor ecology combined with the stresses of megacities and the deterioration of food quality leads to a lack of vitamins and minerals. But these are all common words, and they cannot be a guide to taking “some vitamins in general.” Oddly enough, most of the vitamins that are claimed in multivitamin complexes we get from food in sufficient quantities, and those vitamins that may really be lacking (A, E, C, D, B12, iron, and many others) are contained in such complexes in too small a quantity insufficient to fill the deficit.

In fact, every deficiency, including vitamin deficiency, has symptoms and detection methods (tests). If you think you need vitamins – take the time to see a doctor, be examined, and really take what you need to follow Healthy lifestyle rules.

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