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Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps are twin lamps connected to each other via the Internet. The two lamps usually maintain a long-distance relationship with each other. The two are placed from two different places. The Internet connection enables them to communicate exceptionally well. When you touch one lamp, the other remotely located lamp will light up in a preselected color. This special quality of the friendship lamps makes it popular among couples maintaining a long-distance relationship. In this post, we will discuss some essential aspects of the distance lamps. Let’s start!

What Are The Salient Features Of Long-Distance Lamp? 

The main features of the friendship lamps are stated in the below-described list:

Wi-Fi Ready

The first and most important feature of these lamps is that it can be connected using a Wi-Fi connection remotely. Using a few simple steps, you can get the task accomplished.

Global company

This is a global product and its huge popularity among the customers. It puts a burden on the manufacturers to ensure top-notch quality when making the product. Therefore, you can rest assured of the better quality of the product.

Easy to connect

Another essential feature of the friendship lamps is that it is very easy to connect and use. Anyone can use it with the utmost ease without needing to be a tech expert. You can set it up in a few simple steps and remind your loved ones about your presence near them.

Great gift idea

Friendship lamps make a great gift idea because of their unique concept. If you are staying apart from your partner, it enables you to communicate with them. Besides, it also shows them that they are not alone, but you are always around.

Available online

You can buy it online and send one unit of the lamp to your close ones staying far from you. You can gift it to anyone close to your heart. It can be your friend, partner, parents, or kids away at college.

Different Names Of the Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps are known by their different names. Don’t get confused if anyone is using another name for it. The below-given list has its different names stated:

  • Long-distance lamp
  • Relationship lamp
  • Long-distance touch lamp
  • Distance lamp
  • Long-distance friendship lamp
  • Friend lamp
  • Long-distance relationship lamp

Procedure to Set up Long Distance Touch Lamp

To set up the friendship lamps, you can perform the below-given steps:

  • In the first place, you need to insert the wall brick into the socket.
  • Next, insert the USB end of the cable into the socket to proceed further.
  • After that, add the MicroUSB end of the cable into the charge port. You can find it at the base of the relationship lamp.
  • When you turn the wall socket switch on, the lamp will show blue light, depicting that the lamp is trying to connect to a Wi-Fi signal. However, when you use it for the first time, it shows a dim red color. It shows that you need to set up the lamp.
  • Now, first of all, connect the lamp with a Wi-Fi network and a group ID. To do so, open Wi-Fi settings on your device and click Friendship Lamps ID. Sign in once open.  
  • Proceeding further, hit the Configure Wi-Fi button and to move to the network and ID selection page.
  • Finally, select the Wi-Fi SSID and provide the Group ID you have received on the email address used in ordering the lamp. Enter the correct password and hit Save.
  • Once you are taken back to the Wi-Fi settings page, the job is done.

What Makes Friendship Lamps A Great Gift Idea? 

Even when you live far from your partner or loved ones, your heart and mind always remain close to them. The friendship lamps signified the same. Communication is a crucial aspect of your relationship. Especially when you are far and unable to communicate with your partners, then these lamps can help others know that you are around them, even when you are physically not.

Furthermore, friendship lamps can help you to speak your heart out. It shows that you care when you are, for some reason, unable to make frequent talk or chit-chats. You can make your partners feel special without uttering a single word.

What’s there inside the Box? 

Now that your online order for the friendship lamp has arrived at your door, you need to ensure that these items are there inside the Box:

  • 1 x Friendship Lamp
  • Setup Manual (Contains a link to the online guide)
  • MicroUSB Cable

Locate the MicroUSB charging port on the friendship lamp’s base and check the sensor plate at the top. Besides, you will need a USB wall brick to connect the light to a wall socket.

How Does A Long-Distance Touch Lamp Work? 

In the first place, you need an Internet connection, which is the base requirement for setting up friendship lamps. You don’t need a sci-fi Internet connection, but a signal can work. The basic network connection needs from the source to the target lamps can help you get the job done. All lamps in the network are connected in the same two-way direction. After setting the lamps using the steps described above in the post, you can make your partners feel special. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

1: Plug It In

First of all, you need to connect your friendship lamps and establish a stable Internet connection.

2: Connect It Using Wi-Fi

Once you are done, connect the long-distance lamp to your group ID.

3: Have Fun

Now that you have connected, touch the lamp and make your special ones feel that you are always around them.

How Many Friendship Lamps Can Be Linked To A Group? 

Well, there is no particular limitation of how many lamps can be linked together to a group. So, even if you have many relatives living in different parts of the globe, you can be in touch with them using the friendship lamps. All you need is to connect them using the unique identification number. It can help you to create a closed-loop connection wherein the utmost security is ensured.

Once the connection is established for them, they are ready to communicate with each other. Even if one lamp is switched to a different power source, the login credentials will remain saved in the friendship lamps’ memory. The same goes for changing the Wi-Fi connection.

This post offers a comprehensive guide for setting up and using friendship lamps. I hope that you have liked this post. Visiting our blog section can help to get more funny, informative, and exciting blog posts.


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