Coy Fish Tattoo Designs

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Best Koi Fish Tattoo Artwork

If you also want to understand the meaning of the coy fish tattoo then you are at the perfect place, basically, the meaning of the koi fish tattoo is known to be perseverance. The colourful and the beautiful coy fish is known to be an iconic symbol of the asian designs of the tattoos. 

Basically, the koi fish is a variety or the species of the same east asian carp family, whose name is being derived from the japanese word nishikigoi, which simply means the brocaded carp. 

These types of the koi fishes are known to be used in decoration in the ponds in the houses of the people along with the water gardens. coy fish tattoo are known to be full of the vibrant colours and results in the genetic mutation as well. These fishes are known to be 20 million years old from the ancient time to date. 

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