45 Best Hippy Trippy Tattoos Ever Made

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

41. This stunning jellyfish trippy tattoo.

trippy jelifish tattoo

If you like aquatic living beings, especially jellyfish, you can get this tattoo. It shows jellyfish in a creative way. The umbrella, which is a body part of a jellyfish, is made in bright colors like yellow and green. The colors used to make the other body parts, viz., oral arms and tentacles are also bright, for example, orange, blue, and pink. People will get captivated looking at this tattoo. Different objects are wrapped in the tentacles of the jellyfish.


42. Awesome watercolor trippy tattoo.

trippy plants tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is a type of tattoo that resembles a watercolor painting. In order to make the tattoo look like a watercolor painting, appropriate techniques and subtle color gradients are used. A watercolor tattoo looks bright and has a color fade-out effect. This tattoo has a minimalistic design. A circular pattern with yellow, purple, and red colors is shown. This tattoo has to be made on the side of the chest area.


43. Incredible full back trippy skull tattoo.

trippy skull tattoo

Here’s another full back tattoo! This tattoo covers the entire back area of your body. The design is mesmerizing, as it includes several elements that makes it one of the most trippy tattoos design. But the highlight of the tattoo, as the name suggests, is the skull. A frightening but colorful skull is made in the tattoo. It has large eyes, which have yellow and purple colors. Numerous shapes and patterns are also created in the tattoo. Colors like blue, pink, and red are used for those shapes and patterns. The patterns are quite intricate.


44. Funky voodoo doll tattoo.

trippy voodoo tattoo

Voodoo doll tattoos might not appeal to everyone, but those who love discussing dark and shady subject matters like black magic and voodoo dolls will certainly like this tattoo. The majority of the tattoo has black color. Details like the sealing of the eyes and the lips are shown in a unique way. Several pins are also inserted into the voodoo doll. Pins are inserted to harm the person on whom the black magic is being performed. The position of the voodoo doll in this tattoo is similar to how a baby sits.