Best Productivity Apps For Coronavirus Work From Home Phase

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The last 2-3 months changed our lives massively. Schools are shut, cities are under lockdown, and people are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is tough to perform work from home however, there are a few best productivity tools and apps that can boost your performance even in this situation.

Across the globe, all the companies no matter how big or small asked their employees to arrange a small set up for their workplace at their home only. On one side working from home sounds relaxing and on another side, it brings performance issues.

Let’s see a list of best productivity tools that ease out remote work policies and targets.

      5  Must-have Productivity Apps During Work From Home Phase

Table of Contents

1. Google Drive

While making a list of top productivity tools, Google Drive should never be missed! It is accessible from mobile as well as desktop and laptop. You can store up to 15 GB for free on the cloud with it.

  • Other Google services like Google Sheets or Google Docs can be edited easily.
  • Collaborate with your clients and colleagues to work on the same document from various positions. 
  • Easy to use and provide multiple other features to prepare, arrange, and edit files, and folders.
  • you can save any attachment to your Drive to organize and share them in a single, safe place.
  •  You can build out spreadsheets and make a presentation on the fly with Docs, Sheets and slides apps.
  1. FlashScan Document Scanning App

Document scanning is a routine task and we no more need a scanner for that.FlashScan is an intuitive document scanner app that scans every type of document in no time.

  • It is the fastest scan to PDF app that is considered as one of the best productivity tools of 2020.
  • The OCR is a smart text reader. It reads every kind of text from any image. Users can save it as plain text as well.
  • You can convert this text from English to other languages and share it effortlessly.
  • Use various professional post-scan filters to enrich your scanned results. Grey, Original, Magic color, Black and white 1 & 2 are must use filters to glorify your scans.
  • You can also read Barcode and QR codes with FlashScan. It accurately scans all the codes and users can compare the product’s online prices in the next moment.
  • You can keep your documents well-organized with Sort By feature.
  • Easily share, save, delete, and rename any files and folders with FlashScan.

Need clear and sharp scans? Download FlashScan now and improve your productivity.

  1. Team viewer: 

Often when we work from the remote station we need to ensure the entire team stays on the same page. And with Team Viewer you can easily coordinate everyone.

  • You can configure your team’s laptops and interns can start working on the same project.
  • It allows desktop sharing and easy file transfer to improve your performance.
  • Arrange online meetings and web conferences with Teamviewer to coordinate your workflow.
  • Easy to use and recognized as a business-grade productivity tool.
  • With Teamviewer you can  remotely connect to multiple workstations. 
  • TeamViewer is audio and video software , You can add up to 25 members and be able to conduct online training.
  • Boost your sales potential and give training to your team members.
  1. Slack

The toughest issue during the lockdown phase is to manage communication with all the employees. And that’s why the list of best productivity tools of 2020 must include communication and collaboration tools. Nothing is better than slack!

  • Users can organize communication through projects, topics, or anything else that comes in their minds.
  • You can edit and share your documents easily.
  • Add images files and folders to your projects or presentations with Slack.
  • The deep search features can exactly give you whatever you are searching for.
  • Google Drive, Asana, etc can easily be interlinked with Slack.
  • You can use it with any device computer or laptop. 
5. Zoom

The last app in the list of best productivity tools of 2020 is Zoom. The leading conference and collaboration app is a must-use app during this isolation phase.

  • During this lockdown , Zoom has become the most successful and most beneficial social tool of the year.
  • Generation Z loves it and now everyone suddenly started installing it in the last few months.
  • Do you need some brainstorming with your team? Use this face to face communication app to discuss your business ideas.
  • The leading video calling app offers quality service across the globe.

Concluding Notes

We hope this list of apps will help you to boost your productivity during this Coronavirus lockdown phase. Always be the achiever no matter what situation is with these smart apps and tools. Use Document Scanner Apps, G Drive and other means to shine out even while working from home.


best productivity tools