A Brief Guide To Begin With Virtual Reality Cinema

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Are you interested in knowing more about Virtual Reality (VR) cinema? We have a guide that can help you with where and how to begin. But first, let us understand what precisely a VR cinema is.

What if we tell you that you can visit a place or be part of it by sitting in a chair? Yes, it is indeed possible with a VR Cinema! Virtual reality theatres are an excellent method for people to become acquainted with fascinating technology. You can play, sense, and witness unreal things with the help of a 9D VR cinema or a virtual reality cinema. You may have heard of 3D, where things feel like coming to you, but 9D is an advanced version that can give you all chills and thrills.  

A Virtual reality cinema can be enjoyed individually or with a group. Nowadays, you might have seen many malls setting up VR cinemas in game arcades. It is one of the top leading businesses for internet entrepreneurs as people are fascinated with the adventurous life while being in one place. 

If you are also up to starting your VR cinema or wish to install one at your home, you must know some prerequisites for it. Let us glance through the A-Z of starting with a VR cinema.

Space Required

VR cinemas need not be huge like regular cinemas with 100 seats. But it should be spacious enough for individuals to have a comfortable experience. Most virtual reality theatres charge for one seat. In order to establish a theatre, there must be sufficient seats in the space so that it can rotate and spin around. Therefore, swivel seats are generally required. 

But how much space is required? A 2 by 2 m area would just be fine for one seat. You may quickly establish your optimal space in relation to the per-seat area given.

Appearance Of The Space

It is of utmost importance to consider the attractiveness of the room where you plan to set up your VR cinema. It is all recalling a virtual experience. Hence, having a friendly and beautiful-looking space would be of great help. For instance, the room should create a vibe to get an individual in a mood. 

You can use dark lighting since it is a cinema to create an ideal ambiance. Red, black, or dark blue fill work fabulously! Additionally, you can add movie posters matching the theme of your VR movie. 

Headset Needed

A headset is an essential part of a VR cinema. The entire movie experience is based on the quality and type of headset you choose. Here are three main ones that will help you choose the best for your VR cinema:

  • PC-Tethered: This is the most common and provides an excellent feel altogether. These headsets are usually expensive as they give a more realistic experience. They connect the headgear to your computer’s USB or HDMI ports and install specialized software. This type of headset has a tracking station and a special controller as well.

  • Mobile Powered Headsets: These headsets function by inserting your smartphone into the headgear and attaching it to your face. However, mixed reviews have been observed for these headsets as they are not visually appealing or realistic.

  • Standalone Headsets: A standalone headgear incorporates everything an individual seeks. You can unbox it and be ready to begin playing in minutes. They balance affordability and functionality well while providing nearly all of the same features as PC-tethered headsets.

You can select from these three according to your preferences. Look at the resolutions, battery life, frame rate, field of view, and so on to have the finest headset for your VR cinema.

Software Installation

Installing software is a way to develop an excellent VR customer experience. With the help of software – a virtual environment is constructed, which is subsequently produced so that users may engage with unrealistic things. Only with software can the sensations be felt and observed entirely in a 9D world. These 9D objects respond to changes in the user’s position, and the interactions are similar to those found in real life. 

Installing software that can be connected to several VR devices as you are setting up a cinema is crucial. So, make your choice wisely!

Displaying Content

By now, you know the requirement for setting up a VR cinema. But have you thought about the content that you will be displaying? There are endless possibilities on the internet with regard to it. Some examples are games, 360-degree concerts, art installations, and the feel of an amusement park.

Before you select content for your cinema, go for a trial option, as it will give you a better idea. Also, consider your audience; for instance, you cannot show school-level educational content for an adult. 

There is a lot of free VR content available on the internet, but its quality is almost questionable. Therefore, purchasing or subscribing to a few apps that provide phenomenal and unlimited VR content is advisable.

Safety Measures

There is always a question among people whether VR is healthy or not. For example, you may wonder how one can get hurt while sitting alone. In reality, it is partially unhealthy, as one can get hurt while using it. For instance, it can be a nightmare for an individual with motion sickness. Additionally, there is quite a debate on whether it is safe for kids. 

You must carefully set up a VR cinema and keep age criteria accordingly. A quick form filled out by a user with any sickness can help. Then, special space can be allotted to them. Also, you must choose a headgear which has very excellent quality so that users don’t strain their eyes. 

Ensure you regularly check your VR headsets, as faulty screening can lead to hazardous concerns.


VR cinemas are a perfect example of cutting-edge technology. Many people are going bonkers about it as it provides an experience that otherwise people may not try in reality. For instance, jumping off a cliff, witnessing marine life, etc. It is worth it if you plan to install a VR cinema. However, the expense of it is a little costly. You can choose to buy your gadgets from reliable sources to keep them affordable while ensuring good performance. Also, be careful about the safety measures, as life comes first!