8 Ways to Stop Missing Your Ex-Girlfriend

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Missing Your Ex-Girlfriend

Each person’s life is divided into past, present, and future. So the past, which usually “haunts” us, sometimes catches up with us. We begin to remember good moments and plunge into nostalgia. And if this past is connected with some special person, then it’s not easy to forget it at all. How to stop missing your ex girlfriend and start living here and now? 

  1. Stop monitoring the life of your ex girlfriend

Take care of yourself! Just imagine that you are sitting, monitoring her social networks, and she is developing as a person and living a full life! Doesn’t it make you even a little hurt? You are wasting your time and energy, instead of doing the same thing as she does – live a full life!

  1. Take advantage of the freedom

Relationships are built on compromises. If you don’t have anyone, you can do whatever you want. You finally got rid of this chain, man. You’re free! So, hang out until 4 a.m., buy a ticket and visit your friends on the other side of the country or just play video games all day long!

  1. Communication with friends

When experiencing a problem in solitude, men tend to fall into a depressed state. They go deep into their emotions, which is why they almost completely lose touch with the real world. If you want to forget about your problems, you need to start communicating with friends and relatives. This will restore a sober look at the situation. In addition, others will help evaluate the situation from the outside and suggest how to proceed.

  1. Stop communication with her

Don’t call or write messages. Of course, you likely want to hear her voice, but remember that you will again open the door to pain and disappointment with your actions. The more often you communicate, the more difficult it will be for you to forget her. Delete her from friends on social networks. If you don’t, then you will indirectly continue to communicate with her. This can lead to nostalgia for relationships. Also, delete her number from your contact list.

  1. Set time limits

Decide for yourself how long you will feel sad. After a certain period, try to return to life. Stick to a particular time. Give yourself one week. During this week, you can cry (even though “men don’t cry), get angry, listen to sad music, or do something that will help you later return to normal life. After a week, try to get rid of painful feelings.

  1. Go in for sports

It sounds corny, but sports really help men forget their ex-girlfriends. When you train, negative emotions will spill out of you. After it, you will feel much better. Also, by doing so, you will improve your physique and increase your willpower, which will be very useful for you.

  1. Travel

If you have the opportunity to immediately go to any interesting country or city, then this is just wonderful. During the trip, you will be filled with a huge amount of positive emotions, see the stunning corners of the world, learn new and interesting things. It is guaranteed that you will return refreshed and joyful from a trip, with a large set of pleasant memories that will warm your soul for a long time. Most importantly, you will not have time for sadness and longing for the ex-girlfriend.

  1. Change the attitude to what happened

Try to follow the old wisdom – if it is impossible to change a situation, you need to change attitude to it. For someone, it will take a month, and for someone, half a year. During this time, you must completely get rid of feelings for your ex, stop missing your ex girlfriend and start a new relationship. The time will come, and you will give your emotions to the one who doesn’t reject them, but, on the contrary, accepts sincerely and gratefully.

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