5 outerwear that will be the talk of the town this season

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5 outerwear that will be the talk of the town this season

There is something about the holiday season that makes you want to wrap up in a blanket and sit in front of the fireplace. Even when we step outside, we want to carry the same warmth everywhere with us. Thanks to fashion, we can do both of these things while looking on-trend. Whether you want to Netflix and chill or head out to get some groceries, these fashion staples will not let you down. Our seasonal fashion guide has the best-picked outerwear this season you can don and hit the town! We hope this list serves you well anti-social social club sweats.

Snow Boots

Snow boots are more like a hit-or-miss shoe and may not go up to everyone’s alley.

However, the charm of owning one of these pieces is unmatched. Have you arrived to work or someone’s house with cold, numb toes?

It is the worst feeling to invest in a shoe and have zero weather protection from it. This season, you can find a snow boot that offers comfort and warmth. It can be versatile enough to carry the whole year round stylishly.

Those who do not like the look of chunky boots on their legs can opt for ankle boots with a round skin. A waterproof ankle boots pair is perfect for you in black or grey color. Most of these boots have a faux fur inner side that keeps your feet well protected.

Mid-calf snow boots are the next option, and the only color you must own is black! Mid-calf boots start locking warmth in the foot right from the calf area, and extra padding with socks makes these shoe temperature-proof. If winter only lasts for four months in your area, these boots are your outerwear this season to pick!

Leather Jackets

A classy leather jacket hardly goes out of fashion. It is one of the essential outerwear this season that screams ‘I am fashionable’! The leather jacket has come a long way in 70+ years. Changing from an act of rebellion to straight rock ‘n roll, a leather jacket will never make you look old-fashioned.

Picking the right style of a leather jacket is the trickiest part. There are many things to consider for someone who is going to purchase for the first time in their life.

Biker jackets are the first style that became immortal by Marlon Brando in the movie ‘The Wild One.’ It has an angled zipper and oozes class.

Bomber leather jacket is probably the most casual pick of all. If you are a little self-conscious about the shift, start with a good old’ bomber. Café Racer lies on the minimal side of leather jackets and suits any occasion. For women, the leather jacket trend is always in and always full of new styles. One classic is a black leather jacket that looks good on a t-shirt with jeans and a skirt!

Fuzzy Sweaters

Sweaters are and must be a staple in the fall/winter season. Therefore, one must keep dear a few warm and fuzzy sweaters this season.

This season comes with the news of a lockdown 2.0 and some more travel restrictions, so your shopping budget might be spent differently. For less than $50, you can find a nice sweater that is good enough to wear when sipping coffee at home and taking the train to work.

Grid pattern sweaters are a scorching trend this season. There is something about the monochrome color scheme that makes the grid pattern so trendy. You can find one easily online or hit the nearby store to score one of these cozies.

A neutral-colored knitted sweater is another hit item that hardly goes out of fashion. For people living in areas where the temperature goes very low, a knit sweater is the best outerwear this season to own. Moreover, women can style these sweaters with chunky or layered jewelry. Pair these styles with trendy sunglasses, and you will be the talk of the town this season.

Winter Coats

A nice coat is not just a part of your closet; it is a part of your life. It is a companion of dozens of trips and memorable moments in your life. People who regularly see cold, rain, and snow on their commute must own a coat that shields them from all sorts of weather harm.

There are several timeless styles you must consider when getting a winter/fall coat. Time to swap out that trench coat from your wardrobe with some fresh styles!

Puffer coats sound a little childish but only until you haven’t styled one. These coats look gorgeous on anyone and offer a lot of warmth.

The puffy part is not an issue because these coats are very lightweight to carry. In this type of coat, you can pick any color you like and make it look like you just got off the runway.

Next up is a pea coat which is an outerwear item in fashion since the 1800s! Navy soldiers used the pea coat to keep warm under harsh weather, and it served them well. As it has moved beyond the ship deck, you can pick a pea coat design of your choosing and make it a part of your life.

Warm Vests

You might think twice about the usability of a sleeveless garment, but vests are here to prove you wrong. The right vest provides a lot of warmth to your body’s core and saves you from an unwanted cold.

Our mom and grandma’s vests were probably not the styles you should go for, but even those pieces were always functional. Vests are the best cross between a very warm sweater and a breezy jacket, so you can even style them all year round without a worry.

A puffy down vest is a trendy and usable item you can pair with a warm cardigan. When waterproof, it also saves you from a downpour and becomes an excellent packing option for go-to moments.

Quilted vests are the second-best option, as they are really warm and classy. You can also wear this vest under a coat. Last but not least is the cable knit sweater vest, which you must have seen on many people. This vest looks better in white, but color choices we will leave entirely up to you. A knitted vest looks good on a flannel shirt and just as trendy on a midi skirt.

Last word

Whether you live in a sunny town or someplace where it snows just about any time, dressing as per the season is essential.

Outerwear is such a valuable purchase that stays with you through thick and thin. Is it a pair of sunglasses or a beige coat? The right picks will make you an instant star?

You might not look like the skinny model with six layers on a runway, but you will look like someone who knows their money’s worth. With so many options available online and in stores, you can even purchase timely pieces at the end of season sales and cherish the items for many years.

The bottom line is: outerwear this season did right becomes a part of your personality, so make sure you take it as an investment and not an occasional purchase.








5 outerwear that will be the talk of the town this season