What’s Coming to Netflix in January 2022?

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Netflix in January

Streaming has been on the rise for the past few years. The trend, which started back in 2010, is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon, and the pandemic, which started back in 2020, has only helped add more fuel to this fire. There are substantial reasons behind such a rapid increase in streaming, and the most crucial one is the cost. People are struggling financially to make ends meet as many have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. World economies are going through a major recession, and in times like these, services like cable TV are becoming difficult to afford. Most people already have internet and there are grants from the government like EBB that allow people to remain connected to services like the internet. So, it doesn’t make sense for people to pay extra for a service that they can already get over the internet. What’s Coming to Netflix in January 2022?

Now, the invention of the modern form of TV i.e. smart TV has also helped pave the way for streaming. With smartphone-like options including Wi-Fi and the ability to directly install streaming apps, smart TVs allow users to enjoy streaming content on their big screens. This is something that wasn’t possible in the past and people were forced to watch streaming content on their phones. Plus, streaming apps also provide a sense of ease and convenience to users so they can watch their favorite content anytime and anywhere without any interruptions. In the wake of this streaming trend, most big cable TV services like RCN cable have launched their own streaming apps that users get free of cost with every package. Cable TV is a technology that is way past its prime and just like with all other technologies, it’s bound to be replaced with something better, and that better is streaming.

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Dawn of Netflix

Cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and a vast library of content are the reasons we have witnessed a drastic increase in the usage of these streaming apps, and Netflix is the one that tops all these charts. Netflix is considered the king of streaming apps and it’s also the one that started this trend in the first place. With 214 million active users, it’s way ahead in terms of subscribers in contrast to any of its competitors. One thing to note is that these 214 million users are the number of active accounts of Netflix and typically one account is shared between 3 to 4 users, so doing the math, it is not difficult to understand that how popular Netflix has become among the masses. This is because of a plethora of content that includes classic movies and shows mixed with Netflix’s original content, including movies with famous movie stars and innovative shows that have already become cult classics.

Interesting Content Coming to Netflix in January 2022

Netflix has a history of treating its viewers with the highest quality and enjoyable content every month. The year 2021 has been amazing for Netflix viewers with record-breaking shows like Squid Game and high-end action films including Red Notice. Keeping up with this trend, Netflix has plenty of great content to offer its viewers at the beginning of next year. Here we have compiled a list of some interesting projects that will hit Netflix early next year.

Ozark Season 4

Ozark returns for its season finale in January 2022. The last season is split into two parts with 7 episodes each. The first part will air starting 21st January 2022 with the second part coming sometime next year and will ultimately culminate the story of the Byrde family. The plot follows a family that shifts to Lake Ozark in order to carry out money laundering for a Mexican Drug Cartel that is the employer of the protagonist. Ozark has received rave reviews from critics praising dark tone, direction, and writing. The series has won 32 Emmy awards and has also been nominated for various other accolades, including two for the Outstanding Drama Series. The stellar cast includes the likes of Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. It is to be noted that the series is returning from a gap of one year with no seasons released in 2021 due to the COVID pandemic impacting the productions worldwide. Thus, it has been a long time coming for both Ozark and thriller fans, so don’t forget to watch the season finale in January next year.

Munich – The Edge of War

This is going to be the first major Netflix original film hitting small screens on January 22nd, 2022. It is a period drama film set in the backdrop of World War 2. Initially slated for a 2021 release, it was pushed back to early 2022 because of a limited theatrical release. Not much has been revealed about the plot but it is based upon the best-selling thriller novel Munich by English writer, Robert Harris. Plus with a cast including Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons playing a British Diplomat, Neville Chamberlain, and German actor Martian Wuttke as Adolf Hitler, a role he played in another cult classic and Academy Award-nominated film, Inglorious Bastards. With a screenplay from Ben Power, this movie has everything going for it and something fans of period drama can’t afford to miss. Catch it on Netflix on January 22nd, 2022.  

All of Us Are Dead

There is something unique about Korean films and series that attract viewers from all over the globe – a feat which we witnessed in the case of Parasite and most recently, Squid Game. All of Us Are Dead is another promising series coming straight out of South Korea. The plot of the series focuses on a group of students locked up in their school and trying to survive a zombie outbreak. We all love and remember Train to Busan and how good it was in handling a zombie apocalypse, so rest assured, that coming out of South Korea, the project is in good hands. This should be a must-watch for fans of the zombie and horror genre. All of Us Are Dead starts streaming from January next year exclusively on Netflix.

Summing Up 

Netflix has always surprised its viewers with unique and amazing content and stories from around the globe. This has been the major part of their success. With an amazing 2021 lineup, Netflix is gearing up to treat its viewers with even more exciting projects next year, something which we can see even from the content mentioned above. All the content mentioned in the list is just for the beginning of 2022 and from the likes of it, one can imagine how entertaining the next year is going to be for Netflix users.

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